The DebtCleanse Mission

Our Mission Is to Help America Break Free of Debt

We know it sounds ambitious.
But, we believe there’s a better way.

Millions of Americans have been paying mortgage debt for years and have no equity in their homes. Millions of others struggle to make minimum credit cards payments and watch interest and fees eat up most of what they pay. Payday loan borrowers have to borrow again and again to cover sky-high interest and still pay the rent.

Too many people are working to service their debt, with no chance of getting ahead and little of breaking even.

Our goal is to break that cycle and liberate people to live the lives they choose rather than the ones dictated by their debt.

Our Core Goals

  • Disrupt the cycle of never-ending debt payments
  • Empower those burdened with debt to fight back
  • Provide affordable access to financial justice
  • Share proven strategies for challenging debt
  • Protect Americans from unfair collection practices
  • Hold predatory creditors and lenders accountable
  • Help Americans stay in their homes
  • Increase homeownership across all communities
  • Change the way America deals with debt

Sound too good to be true?

Read about how our founder, Jorge P. Newbery, eliminated millions of dollars in debt.

Fighting Debt Individually and Collectively

At DebtCleanse™, we provide access to attorneys, proven strategies, and resources to anyone struggling with debt. We assist our members in challenging their debts, negotiating for significantly reduced settlements, and even pursuing damages when debt collectors have broken the law.

Every debt eliminated, claim settled, or consumer protection case won is a victory. But, that’s only the beginning.

Every single victory is a piece of a larger puzzle—one small step closer to forcing creditors and debt collectors to change their ways. The current system of predatory lending and high-pressure, often unscrupulous debt collection relies on debtor cooperation.

We’re showing America the most effective ways not to cooperate, one member at a time.

Our Success Stories