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COVID-19 Update: To help during this difficult time, you can now get a 1-month free trial on a Personal Plan membership.
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DebtCleanse Personal Plan

In as little as 2 hours, connect with an attorney that can help you
navigate your legal situation, address your debts and help you take back control.

DebtCleanse provides access to quality legal representation

Get affordable access to a network of attorneys that are passionate about resolving your debts..
Areas covered by your professional plan include:

Foreclosure Defense

Fight to stay in your home
- it's not too late

Unaffordable Mortgage Payments

See if you qualify for lower
payments or forbearance

Credit Report Errors

Clear up harmful mistakes reported
by creditors

Credit Score Improvements

Make your dreams a reality

Unfair Debt Collection Practices

Protect yourself from unethical creditors

DebtCleanse Member Benefits

  • Attorney Consultations – Get access to a network of attorneys to help you through your debt and credit issues and uncover any violations to challenge your creditors. Debt concerns related to you, your spouse and any dependents are all covered.

  • 3-Bureau Credit Report with Updates – Easily generate your credit report and score through the DebtCleanse platform to get a full picture of your credit history. Plus, access an updated report whenever you or your attorney need it.

  • Credit Remediation – Work with your attorney to review each item on your credit report and identify any inaccuracies or violations. If not corrected, your attorney can file a lawsuit and pursue monetary damages on your behalf.

  • Automated Dispute Letters – Dispute any inaccuracies by generating and sending letters to the credit bureaus with the help of your attorney. Letters are sent through the platform with postage and mailing verification included at no extra charge.

  • Dedicated, Point-of-Contact – Reach out to your assigned Member Advocate at any time to help your through the platform, download your credit report or to schedule an attorney consultation. They are your guide through the DebtCleanse process.

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