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I went from owning a real estate empire to being penniless.
Worse, I was $26 million in debt. Today, I'm debt free.
You can be, too.

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The DebtCleanse Story

DebtCleanse™ was founded by Jorge P. Newbery, a successful entrepreneur who lost everything to a freak act of nature and found himself $26 million in debt. Jorge fought back and is now debt free. The DebtCleanse™ system was built around the strategies Jorge learned and developed in the process of eliminating his own debt.

Our Founder's Story

Hi, I’m Jorge Newbery, Founder of DebtCleanse.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I created this revolutionary system to help people like us get out of debt. I know it can work, because I used it to clear $26 million in debt myself. And, I’ve seen it work for many others since. I’ve worked hard all my life, starting with a paper route at the age of seven. I poured time, energy, and money into fixing up troubled real estate around the country, eventually owning more than 4,000 apartments. Then, a freak ice storm on Christmas Even 2004 brought everything tumbling down. The storm devastated my 1,100-unit apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio and the dominos started falling.

Almost overnight, I went from owning a real estate empire to being penniless…and $26 million in debt.

I had no way to pay those debts, and no idea what to do next. Creditors and debt collectors harassed and threatened me constantly. The stress nearly ruined my health. I couldn’t sleep, could barely eat, and ground my teeth so hard I wore away the enamel. Then, I made a discovery that gave me a glimmer of hope. I noticed that one of my creditors had made a sloppy mistake.

I was fighting for survival at that point, so I focused on that error and fought with everything I had. I fought all the way to the Missouri Court of Appeals, where the judges unanimously ruled that the entire debt was “inadvertently extinguished” by the creditor’s mistake. In other words, the creditor had accidentally wiped out its own right to pursue payment from me.

$6 million in debt had disappeared.

I continued to fight, negotiate, and sometimes simply walk away from my remaining debts until the whole $26 million had been settled for a fraction of what I owed. Many debts were not paid at all. This left me with a feeling that I needed to do more. I wanted to help others facing the same challenges I had. I wanted to share these strategies with the millions of other Americans buried in unaffordable debt. I wanted to help them achieve the same debt freedom I had. I took the first step, and the effort took on a life of its own.

In 2008, I started American Homeowner Preservation (AHP).

AHP purchases pools of defaulted mortgages from banks at discounts, then shares those discounts with distressed homeowners to help them stay in their homes.

I felt great putting what I’d learned to work for struggling families. But, it wasn’t long before we started hearing from people we couldn’t help using the AHP model. I needed a way to help more people fight back and regain control of their financial lives.

To reach more Americans struggling with debt, I wrote a book.

In 2016, I published Debt Cleanse: How to Settle Your Debts for Pennies on the Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All). The book includes my step-by-step system for getting rid of each of the most common types of debt, including student loans, credit card debts, auto loans and many more.

The book quickly became a bestseller. But, it also quickly became clear that many people needed more. Readers started reaching out through email and social media looking for attorneys to help them put the DebtCleanse™ strategies to work.

Unfortunately, you don’t learn strategies like mine in law school. Many of my readers couldn’t find a lawyer who had the knowledge and experience to help.

That didn’t really come as a surprise. After all, the attorneys I hired to help me get out of debt hadn’t had much to offer. It was my own discovery of that first creditor error that turned things around for me.

So, DebtCleanse Group Legal Services LLC Was Born.

To ensure that people struggling with debt had access to the type of legal help they really needed, I built a network of attorneys who are passionate about helping people in difficult circumstances and shared my system with them.

Then, I created a simple, supportive membership platform to make working with a DebtCleanse™ attorney to eliminate your debt easy and affordable. I went from being $26 million in debt to debt free and financially secure, and I want the same for you. If you’re ready to get out of debt, we’re ready to help.